Loose RARE CELESTITE Gemstone Crystal Chips DIY for 2.5-3gr Stimulate Support Throat, Third eye, and Crown Chakras Overall Spiritual Detox
Loose RARE CELESTITE Gemstone Crystal Chips DIY for 2.5-3gr Stimulate Support Throat, Third eye, and Crown Chakras Overall Spiritual Detox

Loose RARE CELESTITE Gemstone Crystal Chips DIY for 2.5-3gr Stimulate Support Throat, Third eye, and Crown Chakras Overall Spiritual Detox

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Add Celestite Gemstones to your Roller Bottles, or Dropper Bottles with these beautiful gemstones We will ship 2.5-3 grams of Natural gemstone chips to fill the bottle! You will receive enough chips to fill the base of one bottle. The color is Sky Blue, and the Stones are Glorious.
We have limited Supplies

It has a high frequency, vibrating in all directions and emitting the aura of calmness and harmony. As such, Celestite is used as a healer and a shaman, one who heals and guides your soul to higher goals. By just looking at it, one gain clarity and sanctity.

Just a kind suggestion: if you own or plan to get Celestite, avoid frequent exposure to light, whether artificial or natural. Due to its chemical structure, the light will wear it out, to the point where its colors may fade away.
Celestite works on three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. As a healer, this stone helps minimize the pain and inspire joy. Let’s see the way Celestite heals you:
Physically, it works on the most basic, cellular level. While its impacts in this field may go unnoticed, Celestite nurtures the cells, making sure that you are free of toxins and errors.

Furthermore, people also use it in treating eye and ear diseases and disorders and also helps to deal with throat and digestion problems. It is, more than anything else, a stress reducer.

Stress is a known inducer of digestive problems, as well as of various skin conditions. Celestite, being the stress reducer, helps eliminate the stress, which in turn helps reduce the occurrence of digestive and skin problems.
Emotional Healing

Since it reduces stress and anxiety, Celestite is often favored by people with various emotional problems. It also helps reduce compulsive behavior, in the sense that it may help you achieve stillness in the desperate times.

Celestite inspires calmness and patience, reminding us of our higher goals, and helping us achieve those goals. It works slowly and patiently, radiating in greater and greater circle, asserting its illuminating potential.

The Celestite helps lower the chattering in our minds, reminds us to breathe and relax, which is also the reason why a lot of meditation practitioners use it.

It also gives courage to people that are afraid of experiencing new things, and to those that suffer from specific fears (such as arachnophobia). Celestite can also help people overcome their addictive and obsessive behavior.
Spiritual Healing

Celestite is a very soft and gentle crystal but can connect you with the most powerful realms of existence. This crystal is an excellent communicator, helping you connect with the Divine by expanding your consciousness.

Moreover, it is an angel crystal, inviting the angelic presence to protect you from the evil. Most importantly, it calms the world within you and the world around you, helping you live in harmony and coexistence with everything else.

It also teaches us humility, reminding us of our Divine origin, and helping use acknowledge the effect of a Higher power in our lives, without which we wouldn’t be able to experience life. And just as with its physical healing potential, Celestite’s spiritual healing takes some time.

But, one must realize that one’s problems are much more complex than one sees them and that only the help of higher energy can help them see and realize the complexity of their troubles. Upon realization, with the help of Celestite, one can not only see the complexity but to also accept it completely.

If used on the third eye, these crystals can help sufferers of anxiety. They can also help with meditation and promote serenity, harmony, stillness and a clear channel to the spirit and other world.
When used on the throat chakra it encourages openness, tranquillity and calmness as well as helping to sharpen your sense of smell and hearing.
A celestite opens the throat chakra it will clear all the negative energies out of the physical and emotional bodies
Celestite will activate the Hara and Kundalini lines and channels for further healing.
CELESTITE and physical health
Celestite is an excellent healing stone, it dissolves pain and brings love to you. It treats the eyes and ears, eliminates toxins from the body and repairs at a cellular level.
​Celestite relaxes muscle tension and calms mental torment. ​It will help mouth ulcers, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, dry mouth, tooth decay, gingivitis, strep throat and many more. ​
CELESTITE and your feelings
Celestite helps in conflict resolution and maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in the workplace and in the home.
​It can help in restoring balance in a dysfunctional relationships. Celestite sends peace and strength to you and helps to open you to new experiences. Celestite has a gentle energy that soothes frazzled nerves, quiets the mind and allows you to get centred in even the noisiest and most distracting environments.

*******Roller Bottle Not Included*******